How Brad helps Individuals

Anxiety &Stress: The good news about anxiety is that it's one of the most treatable issues that we therapists see. There's no need to live on the threshold of overwhelm. No need to feel like a damaged unit. No need to feel anxious at work, at home, or in your relationships. We humans have only so much cognitive and emotional energy. Let me help you reclaim energies lost to anxiety and stress. 

Trauma & Depression: If you've been wounded in some way, especially when you were young, there were parts of you that adapted to help you get through the trauma. Typically, these adaptations are brilliant, and they work really well. But, things change, contexts change, our worlds change, and we tend to cling to the emotional and psychological coping skills that saved us. I use somatic informed therapy and Trauma Focused Therapy to help my clients let go of traumas and to heal. 

Parenting Concerns: My early years as a therapist were spent working with young people, especially delinquent boys. My wife and I have raised a boy and a girl to adulthood. (And survived)  You may be trying to balance your desire to not smother you child but also suffer the uncertainty of witnessing difficult behaviors. Sometimes an educated, trained, and neutral ear can help.

If you're hesitant to use individual therapy, no need to worry. My approach to therapy is relational. That means that I am not above my clients. We are equals. I can see your problems more clearly simply because they are not my problems. I'm educated, trained, and licensed to be a therapist, but I've also struggled with issues and have had to use mentors to help me. 

Feel free to spend 30 minutes with me on the phone to see if we're a good fit. 

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