All Fern Counseling intake and informational forms will be made available to you after you schedule an appointment. For your convenience, most of our intake forms have been consolidated into one "fillable" PDF. 

Once you schedule an appointment with Fern Counseling, there are three ways you will be able to access required forms:

  • Fern Counseling uses a HIPPA-compliant scheduling and billing service called "TherapyNotes." 
    1. Once your information is entered into TherapyNotes, you can choose to set up a password-protected "portal" account, which will enable you to access, download, upload, and electronically sign all FCTS forms.  
    2. Additionally, your portal account will allow you to view your therapist's calendar and request appointments.
    3. Your portal account can be used for any future document-transfer needs. 
  • You can request that all required intake forms be emailed to you. If you choose this option, you can complete the forms, sign them, and personally hand them to your therapist at the beginning of your first session.
    1. Note: email is not a secure way to send Protected Health Information. Please do not send completed forms via email.
  • Hard copies will be available to fill out at the time of your first session. If you require this option, please inform your therapist. You will be asked to arrive at least 20 minutes early to complete Fern Counseling intake forms. 

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