About Brad Fern

Brad Fern, LMFTI empower my clients to increase their self-awareness and to build their self-confidence so they can experience the loving relationships that they yearn for. Chances are you feel that there's something wrong with you for struggling to connect and that it's easy for everyone else. Let me help you stop feeling that way. I help individuals and couples get the most out of their relationships.To liberate couples stuck in dysfunctional patterns, I use a very powerful and proven technique called Relational Life Therapy.

I help people heal from trauma, anxiety, and depression. 

My motto: "We're all in the same leaky boat." In other words, I've had my share of struggles in my life, and I'm proud that I was smart enough to seek mentors to help me figure things out. I've learned to function in my relationships with compassion, introspection, assertiveness, vulnerability, and intimacy. Let me help you do the same. 

I am committed to non-discrimination. I'm an old, white-male heterosexual, and it took some time for me to understand the privileges I was afforded simply because of my race and gender. I endeavor to manage my biases on an ongoing basis, and wish to offer services to all regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, gender identity or relationship status. 

Click here for How Brad helps Couples.  

Click here for How Brad helps Individuals.

Click here for more information on Brad's work with Traumatized Kids (Ages 6 to 18). 

I offer video therapy for your convenience. You can meet with me in the comfort of your home or office. If you prefer or require require discretion, if you live in a small town with limited options, or if you're just very busy; video therapy may be for you. I am currently taking new clients, so feel free to call for a free 30 minute consultation. 

Years in Practice: Since 2005

  • MA: Adler Graduate School
  • License No. and State:  Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy license number 1562
  • Additional Certificates and Training:
    • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified
    • Immunity to Change Adult Development Certified
    • Real Life Therapy Informed
    • Leadership Circle Certified
  • Experience Working With:
    • Couples conflict, infidelity, communication, adjustment
    • Traumatized Children from ages 6 to 18
    • Traumatized adults 
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Relational issues
    • Life transitions
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Parenting
    • Grief

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