Kelly & Brad Fern

Concerned about Coronavirus COVID 19?

You can attend counseling sessions with us in the comfort of your home or office. (See Video Counseling below.) 

Who do we help?

We love working with people to help them improve their relationships. Whether it's helping couples love each other better or helping individuals, we help people get the most out of life.  

How do we help?

We help couples by employing an effective counseling method called Relational Life Therapy. Kelly helps individuals heal past wounds and navigate present-day struggles by employing a compassionate, trauma-informed therapeutic method called Somatic Experiencing Therapy. Brad empowers his individual clients by using Jungian, Adlerian Trauma-Focused, and advanced adult-development training.

Video Counseling

We can meet you in our office location, and we offer video counseling for your convenience. We can meet with you virtually wherever you are. All you need is a secure internet connection, a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, and a private space. Call for details. 

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